Karl Stupnagal

Karl Stupnagal : Nazi Germany

Karl Stupnagal was born in Germany in 1886. He joined the German Army and fought during the First World War he joined the Freikorps.

Stupnagal remained in the army and in October, 1941, was given command of the 17th Army. He took part in Operation Barbarossa but was taken ill in October, 1941.

In 3rd March, 1942, Stupnagal was appointed Governor of Paris. A friend of Erwin Rommel he joined the conspiracy to overthrow Adolf Hitler.

As part of the July Plot Stupnagal gave the orders for the arrest of over 1,200 Gestapo and Schutz Staffeinel (SS) in France. When he heard the plot had failed he tried to commit suicide by shooting himself in the head. Although blinded Stupnagal recovered to face trial for treason. Karl Stupnagal was found guilty and was executed at Ploetzwnsee Prison on 30th August, 1944.