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John Simkin

I was teaching history at a comprehensive school in East Grinstead when I first discovered the internet. This was a time before the arrival of Google (September, 1998), The Guardian (January, 1999), Wikipedia (January, 2001), Facebook (February, 2004) and Twitter (March, 2006). I decided to create a website that would provide my students with local history materials. I also uploaded material that had previously been published in book form by Spartacus Educational.

The website was launched in September 1997, by sending out free Spartacus Educational mouse-mats to all secondary schools in Britain. I was helped in this venture by obtaining sponsorship from a small local internet provider. To encourage other teachers to provide free materials I helped establish the Association of Teacher Websites.

After we lost our sponsorship we were able to pay for the website from advertising. This is no longer the case. Like other free websites we are struggling to recover our production costs. At the same time, Google has introduced domain-rankings that gives preference to major corporations.

The last time we counted (October, 2019), the Spartacus Educational website contained over 21,036,905 words and 33,196 sources.

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John Simkin (BA, MA, MPhil)

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