Joe Hodkinson

Joe Hodkinson : Blackburn Rovers

Joseph Hodkinson was born in Lancaster Town in 1889. He played for Lancaster Town before joining Glossop in 1909. An outside-left he scored 6 goals in 84 games for the club.

Blackburn Rovers started the 1912-13 season very well and were undefeated until December. This was followed by five successive defeats. In an attempt to regain the championship, Robert Middleton broke the British transfer record by buying Danny Shea from West Ham United for £2,000. Patsy Gallagher, described Shea as "one of the greatest ball artists who has ever played for England... his manipulation of the ball was bewildering."

In January 1913, Robert Middleton also purchased Joe Hodkinson for £1,000. Shea scored 12 goals but it was not enough and Blackburn finished 5th that season. Edwin Latheron (14), Wattie Aitkenhead (13), George Chapman (10) were the club's other top scorers.

Joe Hodkinson had a great season and on 17th March, 1913 he won his first international cap for England against Wales. England won 4-3 and the following month Hodkinson was retained for the game against Scotland.

Hodkinson returned to the Blackburn Rovers team after the First World War. He won another international cap against Ireland in 1919. By the time he left the club in 1922 Hodkinson had scored 19 goals in 228 games.

Joe Hodkinson died in 1954.