Classroom Activities for Tudor England

Each assessment contains a wide range of source material and several questions that will help students to develop the ability to interpret and evaluate information.

We have also provided a commentary on the questions that should be of help to the student and teacher.

TEU1 Poverty in Tudor England (Answer Commentary)

TEU2 Why did Queen Elizabeth not get married? (Answer Commentary)

TEU3 Henry VIII (Answer Commentary)

TEU4 Francis Walsingham - Codes & Codebreaking (Answer Commentary)

TEU5 Mary Tudor and Heretics (Answer Commentary)

TEU6 Sir Thomas More: Saint or Sinner? (Answer Commentary)

TEU7 Hans Holbein's Art and Religious Propaganda (Answer Commentary)

TEU8 Hans Holbein and Henry VIII (Answer Commentary)

TEU9 Anne Askew – Burnt at the Stake (Answer Commentary)

TE10 Joan Bocher - Anabaptist (Answer Commentary)

TE11 Dissolution of the Monasteries (Answer Commentary)

TE12 Pilgrimage of Grace (Answer Commentary)

TE13 Robert Aske (Answer Commentary)

TE14 Execution of Margaret Cheyney (Answer Commentary)

TE15 Elizabeth Barton and Henry VIII (Answer Commentary)

TE16 Why were women hostile to Henry VIII's marriage to Anne Boleyn? (Answer Commentary)

TE17 1517 May Day Riots: How do historians know what happened? (Answer Commentary)

TE18 Anne Boleyn - Religious Reformer (Answer Commentary)

TE19 Did Anne Boleyn have six fingers on her right hand? A Study in Catholic Propaganda (Answer Commentary)

TE20 Henry VII: A Wise or Wicked Ruler? (Answer Commentary)

TE21 The Marriage of Prince Arthur and Catherine of Aragon (Answer Commentary)

TE22 Henry VIII: Catherine of Aragon or Anne Boleyn? (Answer Commentary)

TE23 Was Henry VIII's son, Henry FitzRoy, murdered? (Answer Commentary)

TE24 Cardinal Thomas Wolsey (Answer Commentary)

TE25 Martin Luther and the Reformation (Answer Commentary)

TE26 Martin Luther and Thomas Müntzer (Answer Commentary)

TE27 Martin Luther and Hitler's Anti-Semitism (Answer Commentary)

TE28 Catherine Parr and Women's Rights (Answer Commentary)

TE29 Was Queen Catherine Howard guilty of treason? (Answer Commentary)

TE30 Henry VIII and Anne of Cleves (Answer Commentary)

TE31 Historians and Novelists on Thomas Cromwell (Answer Commentary)

TE32 Women, Politics and Henry VIII (Answer Commentary)