John Bernard

John Bernard

John Bernard was born in Corsica, France, on 6th March, 1893. In 1907 the family emigrated to the United States and settled in Eveleth, Minnesota.

After being educated at the local public school, Bernard became an iron-ore miner (1910 to 1917). During the First World War Barnard served in the United States Army and reached the rank of corporal. On his return to America he worked as a fireman (1920-36).

A member of the Farmer-Labor Party, Bernard was elected to the 75th Congress (3rd January, 1937 - 3rd January, 1939). Bernard and Jerry O'Connell were the only Congressmen to visit the International Brigades during the Spanish Civil War.

Bernard failed to be elected for the 76th Congress. For the rest of his life he was a labour organizer and civil rights activist.

John Bernard died at Long Beach, California, on 6th August, 1983.