Strabo was born into a rich family in Amaseia (Bithynia-Pontus) in about 64 BC. After being educated in Rome, Strabo travelled extensively.

Strabo was particularly interested in the cultures of the different groups that he met. His most important book, Geography, provides a great deal of information on the Roman Empire.

Strabo died in about AD 21.

Primary Sources

(1) Strabo, Geography (c. 20 B.C)

The Roman Empire is so difficult to administer. The best way is to allow one man to rule the empire.

(2) Strabo, Geography (c. 20 B.C)

Most of the island (Britain) is low-lying and wooded, but there are many hilly areas. It produces corn, cattle, gold, silver and iron. These things are exported along with hides, slaves and dogs suitable for hunting. The men are taller than the Gauls and not so yellow-haired.