Louis Malvy

Louis Malvy

Louis Malvy was born in Figeac, France, on 1st December, 1875. A member of the Radical Party he was elected to the National Assembly in 1906.

Malvy became minister of commerce under Gaston Doumergue (1913-14) and then minister of the interior under Rene Viviani (1914).

On the outbreak of the First World War Malvy joined the government of Aristide Briand. However, he came under attack from right-wing politicians such as George Clemenceau for favouring a negotiated peace.

In November 1917 the French president, Raymond Poincare appointed Clemenceau as prime minister. He immediately clamped down on dissent and senior politicians calling for peace, such as Malvy and Joseph Caillaux, were arrested for treason.

Although acquitted of treason in August 1918, he was convicted of criminal negligence and sentenced to be banished from France for five years exile.

Malvy spent his exile in Spain. After his return to France he was once again elected to the Chamber of Deputies. Louis Malvy died on 9th June, 1949.