Air Raid Wardens

Home Front Activities: Air Raid Wardens

During the Second World War the British government was constantly monitoring the success of its various policies concerning the Home Front. The government was also aware of the possibility that it might be necessary to introduce legislation to deal with any emerging problems.

It is December 1941. You have been asked to write a report on Air Raid Wardens. This is to be divided into two sections.

Primary Sources

(1) A report on what has been happening concerning Air Raid Wardens since the outbreak of the war.

Things you should consider include:

(a) When was the Air Raid Wardens' Service started?

(b) Why did the government establish this service?

(c) Describe the different jobs that Air Raid Wardens had to do?

(2) A report that includes proposals about the changes that you would like to see in government policy. These proposals will then be discussed and voted on by the rest of the class.

Things you should consider include:

(a) Would it be a good idea to pay Air Raid Wardens?

(b) Most Air Raid Wardens are fairly elderly? Should the government recruit young people instead?

(c) People often ignore the instructions given by the Air Raid Wardens. Should they be given the power to arrest and imprison people who do not obey their orders?