George Whitelaw

George Whitelaw, the son of Dr. William Whitelaw, Medical Officer of Health for the district, was born in Kirkintilloch, East Dunbartonshire, on 22nd June 1887. He studied under Maurice Greiffenhagen, at the Glasgow School of Art and at the age of 17 joined the Glasgow Evening News. During the First World War Whitelaw served in the Tank Corps.

After the Armistice Whitelaw worked for Punch Magazine. The critic, Percy V. Bradshaw, called him "a first-class draughtsman... with a splendid sense of character and unerring feeling for composition."

George Whitelaw, Round the Clock (1943)
George Whitelaw, Round the Clock (1943)

In 1938 replaced Will Dyson as staff cartoonist on the The Daily Herald and he held the position throughout the Second World War. He was replaced by David Low in 1949.

George Whitelaw died on 19th September 1957.