Weather : 1337

Weather: 1337
January snow
February cold and dry
March fairly heavy rain
April mild
May showers and sunshine
June sunny, very little rain
July: 1st week showers
July: 2nd week showers
July: 3nd week dry
July: 4th week warm sunshine
Harvest very good
Production 44 sheaves per acre
Crop Prices Wheat 3s. 7d.
(per quarter) Oats 1s. 7d.
Barley 2s. 7d.
Peas 2s. 0d.

Primary Sources

(1) John Brown, A Memoir of Robert Blincoe (1828)

A girl named Mary Richards, who was thought remarkably handsome when she left the workhouse, and, who was not quite ten years of age, attended a drawing frame, below which, and about a foot from the floor, was a horizontal shaft, by which the frames above were turned. It happened one evening, when her apron was caught by the shaft. In an instant the poor girl was drawn by an irresistible force and dashed on the floor. She uttered the most heart-rending shrieks! Blincoe ran towards her, an agonized and helpless beholder of a scene of horror. He saw her whirled round and round with the shaft - he heard the bones of her arms, legs, thighs, etc. successively snap asunder, crushed, seemingly, to atoms, as the machinery whirled her round, and drew tighter and tighter her body within the works, her blood was scattered over the frame and streamed upon the floor, her head appeared dashed to pieces - at last, her mangled body was jammed in so fast, between the shafts and the floor, that the water being low and the wheels off the gear, it stopped the main shaft. When she was extricated, every bone was found broken - her head dreadfully crushed. She was carried off quite lifeless.