Belle Starr

Belle Starr

Myra Belle Shirley was born in Carthage, Missouri, on 5th February, 1846. During the American Civil War she worked as a courier for Confederate guerillas.

In 1866 Belle had a relationship with Cole Younger. She gave birth to a daughter, Pearl, but it is unclear who was the father of the child. She later married James Reed in Texas, but in 1870, her husband became a fugitive when he killed a man in a fight. Reed became an outlaw and took part in a $30,000 robbery in November, 1973. Two years later Reed was killed by a bounty hunter.

Belle now became an outlaw and along with a gang that included Jack Spaniard, Jim French and Blue Duck, was involved in stealing horses. In 1880 Belle married Sam Starr, a Cherokee.

In 1882 Belle Starr came before Isaac Parker, the Hanging Judge at Fort Smith. Charged with being the leader of a band of horse-thieves. Found guilty she was sent to prison for only six months.

On 3rd February 1889 Belle Starr was murdered by an unknown assassin in Oklahoma.