Natchez, the youngest son of Cochise, was born in 1856. His mother, Dos-teh-seh, was the daughter of Mangas Coloradas. As a young man he took part in raids on white settlers and in 1872 was with his father when he met Brigadier General Oliver Howard. This resulted in the establishment of the Chricahua Reservation in Arizona.

Taza, Cochise's older son, became chief when his father died in 1874. Two years later Taza died and Natchez became the leader of the Chiricahuas Apaches.

In September 1880, Natchez joined Geronimo and Juh in an attempt to lead their people from the San Carlos Reservation into the Sierra Madre. However, in 1883 General George Crook managed to persuade the Apaches to return to Arizona.

Natchez and Geronimo broke out again in May 1885. Once again General Crook was sent after them. Natchez lived in the Sierra Madre until he was caught by Crook in September, 1886. Natchez now joined the all-Indian "I" Company, 12th Infantry at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

In 1897 Natchez worked as a scout for Captain Hugh Scott and the 7th Cavalry. After leaving the army he moved to the Mescalero Reservation in New Mexico.

Natchez died on 16th March, 1919.