Kicking Bird

Kicking Bird

Kicking Bird (Tene-angpote), a member of the Kiowa tribe, was born in about 1835. In his youth he was a warrior but soon realised that it would be impossible to defeat the armed forces of the United States.

On 15th August, 1865, Kicking Bird signed a peace treaty with the American authorities at Wichita. He also took part in negotiations that resulted in the signing of the Medicine Lodge Treaty on 21st October, 1867. Under the terms of this treaty the Kiowa tribe moved to a Indian Reservation at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

Accused of being a coward, Kicking Bird led a raiding party through Texas and successfully defeated an army sent to capture him.

Kicking Bird now returned to the reservation where he attempted to persuade his people to live peacefully with white settlers. He also helped establish the first Kiowa school.

Kicking Bird died on 5th May, 1875. Some of his friends later complained that he had been poisoned.