Juh was born in New Mexico in about 1825. A highly successful warrior he became a leading figure in the Nednai Apaches. A cousin of Geronimo he led several raids against Mexicans in the Namiquipa.

On 14th July, 1862, Juh, Mangas Coloradas, Victorio, Geronimo and Cochise took part in the attack at Apache Pass. The Apaches also attacked stage coaches and in 1869 killed a Texas cowboy and stole 250 cattle. The warriors were pursued but after a fight near Fort Bowie the soldiers were forced to retreat.

Juh disappeared from the scene until joining Victorio in leading attacks on settlers in New Mexico. He surrendered in 1880 and was taken to live on the San Carlos Reservation. The following year Juh and Geronimo led a breakout and headed for the Sierra Madre.

Juh died after falling from a horse in November 1883.