Franklin Roosevelt Jr.

Franklin Roosevelt Jr.

Franklin Roosevelt Jr., the son of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt, and brother of James Roosevelt, was born in Campobello, New Brunswick, Canada, on 17th August, 1914. He studied at Harvard University and after graduating from the University of Virginia Law School in 1940, was admitted to the bar.

During the Second World War Roosevelt was an ensign in the United States Navy and served in North Africa, Europe and the Pacific.

In 1947 President Harry S. Truman appointed Roosevelt as vice president of the Committee on Civil Rights. He also served as chairman of the mayor's committee on unity in New York City (1947-48). A member of the Democratic Party he was elected to the House of Representatives and served between 17th May, 1949 to 3rd January, 1955. After leaving Congress he worked as a lawyer in New York.

In 1963 President John F. Kennedy appointed him as chairman of the Appalachian Regional Commission and as Undersecretary of Commerce. Two years later, President Lyndon B. Johnson, selected Roosevelt to become the first chairman of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Franklin Roosevelt Jr. died in Ploughkeepsie on 17th August, 1988.