Harrison Fisher

Harrison Fisher

Harrison Fisher, the son and granson of artists, was born in New York City on 27th July 1875. As a child his family moved to San Francisco. A talented illustrator, his work began appearing in newspapers when he was only sixteen.

After studying at the Mark Hopkins Institute of Arts in San Francisco, Fisher became a staff artist on Puck Magazine. where he produced drawings in the style of Charles Dana Gibson.

During the First World War he produced several important war posters for organisations such as the American Red Cross. In the 1920s Fisher was a regular provider of front covers for Cosmpolitan Magazine. Fisher also contributed to Fame and Fortune and along with Howard Christy was credited with discovering Clara Bow in 1922.

Harrison Fisher died on 19th January 1934.

Harrison Fisher, American Red Cross posterpublished during the First World War (1918)
Harrison Fisher, American Red Cross poster
published during the First World War (1918)