Roy Brown

Roy Brown : Stoke City

Roy Brown, the son of a Nigerian father and a English mother was born in Stoke on 20th December 1923. Eugene and John Brown had been studying in England when they decided to join the British Army during the First World War. John was killed and Eugene was badly wounded.

After the war Eugene Brown got married and had two sons, Roy and Douglas. Eugene eventually succumbed to his war injuries and the two boys were raised by their mother.

Roy Brown was a talented footballer and he was signed by Stoke City on leaving school at 14. The Second World War interrupted his football career although he did play for the club in the Football Regional League. He made his debut in 1941 and played a few games before joining the armed services.

The Football League did not resume until the 1946-47 season. Brown scored 14 goals in 74 games for Stoke City. In 1953 he was transferred to Watford in Division Three (South). Over the next few years he scored 40 goals in 142 games.