DRE (Student Revolutionary Directorate)

The Student Revolutionary Directorate (DRE) was originally established to protest against the rule of Fulgencio Batista. They took part in the fighting in Havana but conceded political control to Fidel Castro and his followers when they entered the city in January, 1959.

The DRE was opposed to Castro's communist views and many of its leaders fled to the United States. In 1962 Manual Salvat became the leader of the DRE. Those living in Miami received financial support from the Central Intelligence Agency. Some joined Alpha 66 and took part in armed attacks on port installations and foreign shipping in Cuba.

Carlos Bringuier was the leader of the DRE in New Orleans. On 9th August, 1963, Lee Harvey Oswald was handing out Fair Play for Cuba leaflets when he became involved in a fight with Bringuier. Oswald was arrested and on 12th August, he was found guilty and fined $10. While in prison he was visited by FBI agent, John L. Quigley. Five days later Oswald debated the issue of Fidel Castro and Cuba with Bringuier on the Bill Stuckey Radio Show.

Investigators discovered further links between Carlos Bringuier and Lee Harvey Oswald. Bringuier was found in possession of a book, Guidebook for Marines, owned by Oswald. On Oswald's leaflets given out in New Orleans, was the address 544 Camp Street, New Orleans. This was also the address of the office used by Bringuier. It was also around the corner from 531 Lafayette Street, which housed the detective agency run by Guy Bannister, another man accused of being involved in the assassination. This raised suspicions that Oswald had been involved in a right-wing conspiracy with Bringuier and Bannister to kill John F. Kennedy.