Adolf Heusinger

Adolf Heusinger : Nazi Germany

Adolf Heusinger was born in Holzminden, Germany, on 4th August 1897. He joined the German Army and served throughout the First World War.

Heusinger remained in the army and soon after the outbreak of the Second World War was promoted to colonel and appointed chief of operations at the OKH. When General Kurt Zeitzler became sick in June 1944, Heusinger became temporary army chief of staff and was standing next to Adolf Hitler when the bomb planted by Claus von Stauffenberg exploded on 20th July 1944.

Heusinger, who was slightly injured in the blast, was arrested by the Gestapo and accused of being involved in the July Plot. He appeared before Roland Freisler and his People Court on 7th August, 1944. Although there was evidence that Heusinger had contact with many of the conspirators he was exonerated but was not allowed to return to his senior post in the German Army.

After the war he played an important role in NATO and was chairman of its military committee (1961-64). Adolf Heusinger died in 1982.