Kurt Hammerstein-Equord

Kurt Hammerstein-Equord : Nazi Germany

Kurt Hammerstein-Equord was born in Hinrichshagen, Germany, on 26th September, 1878. He joined the German Army and was attached to the General Staff during the First World War.

A close friend of Kurt von Schleicher, Hammerstein-Equord was appointed Chief of the General Staff of the Reichswehr in 1930. He was extremely hostile to the Nazi Party and warned Paul von Hindenburg about the dangers of appointing Adolf Hitler as chancellor.

Hammerstein-Equord opposition to Hitler was well-known and in February, 1934, he was dismissed from office. During the Second World War he was involved in several plots to overthrow Hitler. Kurt Hammerstein-Equord died in Berlin on 25th April, 1943.