Genevieve Soulié

Genevieve Soulié

Genevieve Soulié, the daughter of an English mother, was born in France in 1919.

Soulié was working in a Paris bookstore when she joined the French Resistance. Recruited by Georges Broussine, she was at first responsible for finding safe lodging for those fighting against Nazi Germany.

Genevieve eventually became an important figure in the Burgundy network. In this role she helped 136 Allied airman escape from France and to reach their homes.

Primary Sources

(1) Genevieve Soulié was interviewed about her experiences in the French Resistance in October, 1976.

In out network (Burgundy escape line) there were Catholics, atheists, Protestants, Jews, and people of different political parties and social classes. Our view was that we were still at war against the enemy occupying our country, and that was the important thing.