Aldo Moro

Aldo Moro

Aldo Moro was born in Maglie, Italy , on 23rd September, 1916. After graduating in 1940 he taught law at the University of Bara. Moro published several books on law and became president of the Federation of Italian University Catholics.

A member of the Christian Democrat Party, he was elected to the Constituent Assembly in 1946 and helped to draft Italy's post war constitution.

In 1959 Moro became the leader of the Christian Democrats. Four years later he formed a coalition government with the Socialist Party. The country suffered from severe economic problems and Moro was unable to introduce the reforms he had promised. This lost him the support of the socialists in 1966 but he held onto power until 1968.

Moro served as foreign minister (1970-72) before once again becoming prime minister in November 1974. His coalition government was unstable and he left office on 9th July, 1976.

Moro was kidnapped on 16th March 1978 after left-wing Red Brigade gunmen ambushed his car killing his chauffeur and five policemen. They demanded the release of 13 Red Brigade members on trial in Turin. President Giulio Andreotti refused to negotiate with the kidnappers and on 9th May, 1978, Moro's dead body was found in the boot of a Renault car in central Rome.