Ronnie Sewell

Ronnie Sewell : Blackburn Rovers

William (Ronnie) Sewell was born in Wingate on 19th July 1890. He played local football as a goalkeeper for Wingate Albion before joining Gainsborough Trinity in 1911. At the time Gainsborough was in the Second Division of the Football League.

Sewell joined Burnley in 1912. That season Sewell helped his club get promoted to the First Division. Burnley finished in 4th place in the 1914-15 season but Sewell's career was interrupted by the First World War.

In 1919 Sewell joined Blackburn Rovers. The club had won two first division championships in 1911-12 and 1913-14, but struggled in the post-war years and finished 20th (1919-20), 11th (1920-21), 15th (1921-22), 14th (1922-23) and 8th (1923-24).

On the 3rd March 1924, Sewell won his first and only international cap when selected by England to play against Wales. Sewell did not have a great game and England lost 2-1.

Blackburn Rovers continued to struggle in the Football League and finished in 16th (1924-25) and 12th (1925-26) position. However, Sewell retained his form in these difficult circumstances and played in 227 games for the club before joining Gainsborough Trinity in 1927.

Ronnie Sewell died in 1945.