Patrick Gordon

Patrick Gordon was born in Renton in 1864. He played local football before joining Everton in 1890. Gordon helped his club win the First Division of the Football League in the 1890-91 season. However, he found it difficult to retain his position in the first team and in 1893 joined Liverpool in the Second Division. In his first season Gordon scored 7 goals in 26 games and the club won the league title.

The following season Gordon joined Blackburn Rovers. Gordon replaced Jamie Haydock in the team. This upset the supporters and one man wrote to the local newspaper and claimed "Gordon is scarcely worth his place in the team after all. The wiseacres on the Rovers' committee think him a dashing outside-right. But he is not. Haydock is the best they have had for a long time."

Gordon only scored 2 goals in 12 games and Jamie Haydock eventually got his place back. On May, 1895 Patrick Gordon was sacked from the club for what was described as "refractory conduct" during a tour of Scotland. It was also stated that he refused to play for the reserve team after he was replaced by Haydock.

Patrick Gordon played played football for non-league Liverpool South End before drifting out of the game.