Tiger Tank

In the first three years of the Second World War the main tanks used by the German Army were the Panzer (versions I, II, III and IV). However, the the successful resistance of the Red Army in the Soviet Union in 1942 showed that new tanks were needed.

In 1942 the German Army began using the Tiger Tank. Produced by Henschel it weighed 55 tons and had armour 25mm to 100mm thick. It had a 88mm gun and its 700hp motor enabled it to reach speeds of 23mph.

The Tiger Tank did not perform well in battle conditions and overheated and had serious suspension problems. Eventually it was replaced by the Tiger II.

Tank Produced
Panzer I 3000
Panzer II 3500
Panzer III 5644
Panzer IV 9000
Panther 4814
Tiger 1350
King Tiger 484
Tiger Tank
Tiger Tank