Thomas Hart

Thomas Hart

Thomas Hart was born in Davison, in the United States, on 12th June, 1877. He attended the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis and graduated in 1897 (13/47) and joined the United States Navy.

Hart was superintendent at the USNA (1931-34) and in June 1939, he was made a full admiral and given command of the US Asiatic Fleet.

When the Japanese Army began landing on the Philippines on 10th December 1941, Hart withdrew his forces leaving General Douglas MacArthur with little naval support.

In January 1942, Hart was appointed Naval Commander of ABDA. He directed a couple of operations off the Dutch East Indies but took early retirement from the US Navy in June1942. However he was later recalled to head the Naval Board.

After the war Hart went into politics and was elected as US Senator for Connecticut in 1945. Thomas Hart died on 4th July, 1971.