Laura Bullion

Laura Bullion

Laura Bullion was born in Knickerbocker, near Mertzon, Texas, in October 1876. Her mother was a German immigrant and her father was a Native American.

Her father, Henry Bullion, was an outlaw and the age of thirteen he introduced her to William Carver. Two years later she became sexually involved with Carver and for a while worked as a prostitute in San Antonio.

Later she began a relationship with Ben Kilpatrick. Later she took part in bank raids with Kilpatrick. She became Kilpatrick's girlfriend and began taking part in bank raids.

Bullion and Kilpatrick later escaped to the Robbers' Roost in Utah and joined what became known as the Wild Bunch. As well as the leader, Butch Cassidy, the gang included Harry Longbaugh (the Sundance Kid), Harvey Logan, William Carver, George Curry, Elza Lay and Henry Wilber Meeks.

Ben Kilpatrick was a member of the the gang that obtained $65,000 from the Great Northern train near Wagner, Montana, on 3rd July, 1901. Bullion and Kilpatrick were arrested in St Louis on 8th November, 1901. He was found guilty of robbery and was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Bullion received five years.

Bullion was released in 1905. She worked as a seamstress and dress maker before moving to Memphis, Tennessee, in 1918, where she established herself as an interior designer.

Laura Bullion died of heart disease at the Shelby County Hospital on 2nd December, 1961, and is buried at the Memorial Park Cemetery in Memphis.