George Butcher

George Butcher : West Ham United

George Butcher was born in St Albans on 5th October 1890. He played football for St Albans City before joining West Ham United. He made his debut against Watford on 2nd March 1910. He played in three games that season. Tony Hogg wrote in Who's Who of West Ham United: "His weight of 11 stone and height of five foot eight inches was just right for a nippy inside-forward, and also stood him in good stead when he became amateur lightweight boxing champion of Hertfordshire."

Butcher had his best season with West Ham United in 1911-12 when he appeared in 16 games. He only played in a handful of games over the next couple of seasons.

West Ham's regular inside-forwards, Richard Leafe and George Hilsdon, were unavailable after the First World War. Butcher therefore played in 33 games in the 1919-20 season. After scoring 12 goals in 71 games Butcher moved to Luton Town on January 1921. Over the next five seasons he made 121 appearances for the club.

George Butcher died at the age of 79 on 11th January 1970.