Amund Olsen

Amund Olsen

Amund Olsen was born in Puntervold, Norway, on 26th April, 1840. Olsen and his two brothers, Niels Olsen and Michael Olsen, emigrated to America in 1858 and settled in Bad Ax County, Wisconsin.

On the outbreak of the Civil War Olsen and his two bothers joined the Scandinavian Regiment that was commanded by fellow Norwegian, Colonel Hans Heg.

Olsen took part in the disastrous Battle of Chicamauga (September, 1863) where 63% of the Scandinavian Regiment were killed, wounded or captured. Olsen was wounded in the left shoulder and was treated in a hospital in Nashville, Tennessee.

Olsen returned to his regiment and took part in battles at Rocky Face Ridge and Resaca. He was also at Pickett's Mill (27th May, 1864) where once again the regiment suffered heavy casualties.

After the war Olsen returned to Bad Ax County where he married Bertha Tennison and raised a family. In 1870 he moved to Mason, Minnesota.

Olsen's wife died in 1905 and two years later, aged 67, he married Elizabeth Norem. He became a father again before dying on 26th August, 1914.