Carl Gustaveson

Carl Gustaveson

Carl Gustaveson was born in Ulrichshamm, Sweden, on 18th December, 1821. He served in the Royal Mounted Regiment before emigrating to America in 1846.

Gustaveson joined the American Army and served as a private during the war with Mexico. After marrying Amber Stephenson in September, 1850, he became a farmer in Eaton, Wisconsin.

On the outbreak of the Civil War Wilson joined the Scandinavian Regiment under the command of Colonel Hans Heg. As Gustaveson had military experience, Heg appointed him Captain of Company F.

Gustaveson was wounded at the the Battle of Murfreesboro (December, 1862) and captured at the Battle of Chickamauga (September, 1863). He spent time in Libby Prison, Virginia and Macon Prison, Georgia. In July, 1864 he was one of the 600 prisoners sent to Charleston and used as human shields to deter shelling by the Union Army.

Gustaveson eventually escaped and reached the Union Army at Atlanta, Georgia, on 29th August, 1864. He rejoined Company F and led it until the end of the war.

In January, 1865, Gustaveson returned to Eaton, Wisconsin. Carl Gustaveson, who served as Marshal for Kewaunee County, died on 5th April, 1894.