Bronson Cutting

Bronson Cutting

Bronson Cutting was born in Oakdale, Long Island, on 23rd June, 1888. After graduating from Harvard University, Cutting moved to New Mexico.

Cutting became involved journalism and in 1912 began publishing Santa Fe New Mexican. He became president of the New Mexican Printing Company and also published the El Nuevo Mexicano.

During the First World War Cutting joined the US Army and reached the rank of captain. During the war Cutting served as an assistant military attaché at the American Embassy in London (1917-18).

On his return to the United States Cutting established the New Mexican Publishing Corporation. A member of the Republican Party, Cutting was elected to Congress in 1927 where he worked closely with William Borah, Henrik Shipstead, Gerald Nye, Lynn Frazier, John Elmer Thomas, Robert LaFollette Jr., Burton K. Wheeler and other progressives in the Senate.

Bronson Cutting was killed in an air crash near Atlanta on 6th May, 1935.