William Howard Day

William Howard Day was born on 19th October, 1825 in New York. He worked as a printer on the Northampton Gazette before moving to Cleveland where he became involved in the struggle against racial discrimination.

Inspired by the example of Frederick Douglass, Day became editor of the Cleveland True Democrat (1851-52) and the Aliened American (1853-54). In 1858 he embarked on a tour of Europe where he made speeches and raised funds for the Anti-Slavery cause.

Day returned to the United States after the Civil War and worked for the Freedmen's Bureau. He became an inspector of schools in Maryland and Delaware before being ordained a minister of the African Methodist Episcopal Church in 1867.

William Howard Day, who served as general secretary of the General Conference of the African Methodist Episcopal Church (1875-1880), died in Harrisburg on 3rd December, 1900.