Eusebius was born in Caesarea (Judaea) in about AD 260. He became a Christian and in AD 311 was appointed Bishop of Caesarea. It was while he was in this post that he became a close friend of Emperor Constantine.

His main work was the History of the Church. The book deals with the life of Jesus Christ, the work of the Apostles, the persecution of the Christians, the conversion of Emperor Constantine and how Christianity became the official religion in the Roman Empire.

Eusebius died in about AD 340.

Primary Sources

(1) Eusebius, History of the Church (c. AD 325)

Nero did to death his mother, brothers, and wife, with thousands of others attached to his family, as though they were enemies... He was the first of the emperors to persecute the Christians.

(2) Eusebius, History of the Church (c. AD 325)

Hadrian... moved against the Jews... He destroyed thousands of men, women and children, and, under the law of war, enslaved their land... Hadrian then commanded that by a legal decree that the whole nation

should be prevented from entering Jerusalem... It was colonised by foreigners, and the Roman city changed its name.