Chronology: 16th August, 1819


8. 00

About 6,000 reformers at Middleton assemble to hear a speech from Samuel Bamford.

8. 30

The 15th Hussars parade in Manchester.

9. 00

Oldham Reform groups begin march to Manchester.
Cheshire Yeomanry assemble on Sale Moor. Begin march to their agreed position at St. John Street.
First people begin to gather at St. Peter's Field.

10. 00

The 15th Hussars take up their positions in Byrom and Lower Mosley Streets.
Magistrates meet at the Star Inn.

10. 30

George Swift and a group of men start erecting the hustings.
John Tyas of The Times estimates the crowd to be about 250 people.

11. 00

Magistrates move to Mr. Buxton's house in Mount Street overlooking St. Peter's Field.

11. 30

An estimated 5,000 marchers from Stockport arrive at St. Peter's Field.
Members of the Manchester & Salford Yeomanry seen drinking in nearby public houses.


Henry Hunt and a large number of reformers leave Joseph Johnson's Smedley Cottage.
John Tyas of The Times estimates that there is now 80,000 people in St. Peter's Field.
George Swift and Robert Wild address the crowd.
About 400 constables march into St. Peter's Field. They form two continuos lines between the hustings
and Mr. Buxton's house.

12. 30

Another cart, with planks and a large chair, is brought forward and added to the hustings.

1. 20

Henry Hunt, Richard Carlile, John Knight, Joseph Johnson and Mary Fildes arrive at the hustings.
Elizabeth Gaunt is taken ill in the crowd and is lifted onto the hustings.
John Tyas of The Times, Edward Baines of the Leeds Mercury and John Smith of the Liverpool
Mercury join the speakers on the hustings.

1. 30

Joseph Moorhouse from Stockport arrives at the hustings.
Magistrates decided to arrest Henry Hunt, John Knight, Joseph Johnson and John Moorhouse.
Messages are sent to Major Thomas Trafford and Colonel L'Estrange.

1. 35

Rev. Charles Ethelston reads the Riot Act from Mr. Buxton's window.

1. 40

Henry Hunt begins to address the crowd.
Blackburn reform group arrives at St. Peter's Field.
The Manchester & Salford Yeomanry knock down Ann Fildes and her two-year old son William, on
the way to St. Peter's Field. William Fildes is killed and his mother is badly injured.

1. 45

Major Trafford orders Captain Birley and the Yeomanry to arrest the four leaders on the hustings.
Richard Carlile, John Smith and Edward Baines see the Yeomanry approaching and leave the hustings.

1. 50

Colonel L'Estrange and the 15th Hussars are ordered to rescue the Yeomanry from the crowd.
Captain Birley arrests Hunt, Johnson, Swift, Knight, Saxton, Moorhouse, Tyas, Gaunt and Wild.


Except for the dead and wounded the crowd have left St. Peter's Field.