Jean Souetre


Jean Souetre (he also used the names Michel Mertz and Michel Roux) was a member of the French Secret Army Organization (OAS). It is claimed that he had been involved in an assassination attempt on General Charles de Gaulle as a result of his willingness to grant independence to Algeria.

As a result of investigations carried out by Mary Ferrell and Gary Shaw it was revealed that Souetre (or a man using his name) was in arrested in Dallas on the day that John F. Kennedy was assassinated. He was immediately expelled from the United States.

It was also discovered that a man using the name Michel Roux entered the United States on 19th November, 1963. He was in Fort Worth on 22nd November before leaving the country on 9th December.

In 1983 Souetre was working as the public relations director of a gambling casino in France. He told a journalist that he had not been in Dallas on 22nd November, 1963, and had no knowledge of the assassination of John F. Kennedy.