Edward V. Long

Edward V. Long

Edward Vaughn Long was born in Lincoln County on 18th July, 1908. After graduating from the University of Missouri he became a lawyer in Bowling Green, Missouri in 1936. The following year he became the prosecuting attorney of Pike County (1937-1941) and city attorney of Bowling Green (1941-45).

A member of the Democratic Party Long served in the State Senate (1945-1955) and as Lieutenant Governor of Missouri (1956-1960). He was elected to Congress in a special election caused by the death of Thomas C. Hennings.

Long selected Bernard Fensterwald as his Chief Counsel when he had been accused of being corruptly involved with Jimmy Hoffa. The two men lived in the same apartment building in Washington. Long was also connected to Robert Maheu and Sam Giancana.

In 1967 Long was called before the Senate Ethics Committee and questioned about his connections to Hoffa. As a result of this investigation Long was forced to resign in December 1968.

Long resumed his legal career in Missouri. He also worked in faming and banking.

Edward Vaughn Long died on his Brookhill Farm, near Eolia, Missouri, on 6th November, 1972.