Harry J. Dean

Harry J. Dean

Harry J. Dean was born in Canada in 1927. At the age of fifteen Dean moved to Michigan. He took a keen interest in politics and in 1958 he became a member of the 26th of July Movement, a group led by Fidel Castro. Dean also formed a chapter of the Fair Play for Cuba Committe in Chicago.

In 1960 Dean was threatened with being "indicted as an unregistered agent of a foriegn government". As a result Dean agreed to enter Cuba in order to gather information for U.S. Intelligence. Later, when being debriefed by the Central Intellegiance Agency, Dean told them that "the Cuban people would rise against Castro during an invasion by the U.S."

In 1962 Dean joined the John Birch Society. During this period he provided information on the Fair Play for Cuba Committe to the FBI. Dean has claimed: "A second revolution was raging. The liberal establishment in the U.S. was under attack by ultra-conservative forces that had begun to organize in 1958. This fast growing power absorbed the anti-Castro Movement there. They used these Cubans to further their own 'rightist' goals, such as the American Communist Party was doing in exploiting the opposing pro-Castro Cubans. But among the widespread 'rightist' movement were assassin-minded persons that would take action to aid in seizing control of the U.S. government if only given the word."

Dean goes onto argue that Lee Harvey Oswald was selected by General Edwin Walker as "the fall guy" in the plot against President John F. Kennedy. "When Kennedy visited Mexico City in late June of 1962, Gabaldon in league with some rightist Mexican Federal Police Officials, was set to shoot president Kennedy. Only a last minute escape problem aborted that assassination scheme." Lawrence Howard and Loran Hall were dispatched by "Gabaldon to enlist to Oswald in (a phony CIA, Central Intelligence Agency set-up) at Gabaldon's Mexico City area office."

Disturbed by these events, in September, 1963, Dean began supplying information on the activities of the John Birch Society to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Dean claimed that "Lee Harvey Oswald was not involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Like myself, he worked for the FBI and the CIA.. Oswald was an undercover agent working for the security services... Oswald was framed by Walker and other conspirators of the Kennedy assassination plot. Walker and two of his Army sharpshooters met regularly to discuss the plans for the actual shooting of Kennedy."

Primary Sources

(1) Harry J. Dean, Memoirs, Education Forum (2nd July, 2005)

I was recruited by U.S. Intelligence by their uniquely convincing tactics.... (to avoid being indicted as an unregistered agent of a foriegn government). By that time in 1960 I had been a humanitarian supporter of the Cuban revolution, and an active member of Castro's 26th Of July Movement..... in the United States. I was 'to blow the whistle' on both The Fair Play For Cuba Committee, and my associates in The 26th Of July Movement. In the time frame of being appointed acting secretary of FPCC (Chicago) I was given the task of entering Cuba to gather information for U.S. Intelligence. Using the 'cover' of a pro-Cuba activist.....Cuban Intelligence (DGI) agent Fransisco Vega, put me through an interrogation usually reserved for suspected enemy agents (almost three hours at Havana Hdqrtrs) It was a most unpleasant ordeal. My humble story was borne out with apparently solid credentials, and certainly by check-outs Vega made with his U.S. contacts.

At a later debriefing with Central Intelligence and my usual... contact agents, when ask if I believed that the Cuban people would rise against Castro during an invasion by the U.S., I stated 'It is my sad duty to inform you that they will not attempt to aid in overthrowing that government. Giving the reasons, and apologizing for having to make such an unpopular report........

A second revolution was raging. The liberal establishment in the U.S. was under attack by ultra-conservative forces that had begun to organize in 1958. This fast growing power absorbed the anti-Castro Movement there. They used these Cubans to further their own 'rightist' goals, such as the American Communist Party was doing in exploiting the opposing pro-Castro Cubans. But among the widespread 'rightist' movement were assassin-minded persons that would take action to aid in seizing control of the U.S. government if only given the word.

Even being tight-knit with the individuals involved, except for bits and pieces of confusing information I failed to timely detect a clearer picture of the real and more subtle plot to kill the president... the plan move relentlessly... but a 'need-to-know' method of secrecy was being applied among my radical associates.

When the name of a Fair Play For Cuba Committee communist was broadcast throughout the rightist circuit after the airing of an August, 1963 radio program from Station WDSU, New Orleans, Louisiana, Lee Oswald was 'selected' by another of our JBS associates, retired U.S. Army General E.A. Walker of Dallas,Texas.

The subject was chosen by 'Guy" Gabaldon as 'the fall guy' in the secretive plot against Kennedy. None of us objected,and found it humorous to frame a communist. I quietly considered it as goofy as the weird, but hazy, arrangements to kill the president.

When Kennedy visited Mexico City in late June of 1962, Gabaldon in league with some rightist Mexican Federal Police Officials, was set to shoot president Kennedy. Only a last minute escape problem aborted that assassination scheme.....Two other of our associates...Lawrence John Howard - aka Alonzo Escruido and Loran Eugene 'Skip' Hall- aka Lorenzo Pacillo, were dispatched by Gabaldon to enlist to Oswald in (a phony CIA, Central Intelligence Agency set-up) at Gabaldon's Mexico City area office.

(2) Harry J. Dean, Memoirs, Education Forum (1st July, 2005)

In 1962 I became a sincere member the new conservative movement as did a great number of other Republicans. The John Birch Society (JBS) was an invention and political extention of the Church (Latter-Day Saints, Mormon}. The JBS infrastructure was an exact miniture of the Church designed to serve as it's political arm in reaching where the Church was forbidden to go by U.S. laws of Church-State separation.

An extremely costly seizure of the Republican Party was the urgent and powerful first step taken by LDS-JBS for entrance into the legitimate political scene (a relentless goal of the Church hierarchy since it's 1830 founding). Their revival and use of the name 'conservatism' was merely as a title, a semantic weapon, to display opposition to the liberalism that dominated both Democrat and Republican parties, choking and limiting both political conservativism and Church ambitions. The more important purpose in exploiting this title was to draw-in the sincere, influencial and idealogical conservatives to serve our cause in many ways.

We were also instructed to infiltrate the Democratic Party apparatus at every level. The Democratic was taken over from the bottom and the top and it's liberalism was forever neutralized!

Kennedy continued setting up a liberal 'one world' system in following the United Nations plan soon after his election, as had Eisenhower and all of their predecessors after it's founding in 1945. All of these efforts gave little consideration to including the conservative ideology that, in the 1960s was only a mere political splinter.

The first 'fiver year plan' to usurp the power of government at any human or economic cost was the fast closing consideration of the upper-echelon LDS conspiracy through the use of their JBS action arm. A last minute loss of faith in their own costly and radical efforts against the so-called liberal/communist enemy, and an ever increasing fear that Kennedy ' just might ' be re-elected in 1964 created an urgency for the ' final solution '.

This long {five year} twilight struggle against the elected government of the United States was for world power. that power lay within an almost impotent United Nations Organization. Control and direction of that body would be realized by the subversives upon first neutralizing, then seizing the government by shock force, JFKs assassination.

Ezra Taft Benson, president of the LDS Church, was in the forefront of attacks on former President Eisenhower that branded 'Ike' a conscious agent of communism, along with all others of the so-called conservative movement, and readily led the way in calling President Kennedy and U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren ' comsymps ', communist sympathizers!

Through it's revolutionary JBS front, the LDS Church dumped millions of it's yearly billions into subverting operations and brilliantly devised, twisted and firey propaganda causing a national foreboding and fear that the U.S. government might actually be under communist influence and direction.

These, and their supporters, who wield this stolen power, expect to continue for hundreds of years in control of the present system now so wrongly titled Republican and conservative (and in the future by any other name).

Their guilty leadership, by stealth, with blood stained hands, reached out and picked the overripe fruit of all constitutional government power and control. Wherein all other whites, colors and nations are now and forever 'second place subordinates ' in all present and future schemes. These are to serve the arrogant LDS/JBS [plan for a world wide, totally materialistic, Church-State for the eternal comfort of this caucasic beast and it's political image!

(3) Harry J. Dean, Memoirs, Education Forum (9th July, 2005)

Gabaldon's organization was called DAC, Drive Against Communism. When DAC came under the JBS, The John Birch Society banner the title was change to DACA, Drive Against Communist Aggression.

In late August, 1963, Gabaldon and I kept an appointment with former U.S. Congressman John H. Rousselot, then Western Director of the John Birch Society at his San Marino, California office. Gabaldon picked up ten thousand dollars as pre-arranged, from Rousselot. The money was for the 'Mexico Operation'..

In September, 1963 Oswald accompanied Hall and Howard to Gabaldon's Mexico City area office. Oswald then received instructions and funds from the impressive, but phony CIA 'officer' Gabaldon. The fate of both Oswald and Kennedy were there forever sealed! The trio later returned to the U.S. Hall and Howard eventually to California, and Oswald to Texas where two weeks later, October 1963 he began working at the book depository building in Dallas.

The poor slob was awaiting further instructions from another fake CIA contact that, among other details, requested him to deliver weapons, suppossedly to be picked up at his workplace along with other weapons to be donated and used by anti-Castro raiders.

The names Alonzo (Howard) and Lorenzo (Hall) were used by then as war names, and described in translation by Sylvia Odio as (Angelo) and (Leopoldo) Gabaldon returned again from Mexico in September 1963, he and I readied a huge mass of medical drugs and supplies gathered from several LDS doctors throughout Southern California.

Some were slated for Gabaldon's JBS front DACA in Mexico. The majority of these were destined to accompany Hall and Howard's car and trailer load of weapons and ammunition to No Name Key, Florida... to aid an anti-Castro raider group under command of Hall. This effort was organized by (LDS) W. Cleon Skousen and (JBS) John Rousselot, and chaired by anti-Castro Cubans........

The defeated raiders split up (after being arrested,and released) Hall and Howard, at Gabaldon's direction, to New Orleans, Louisiana picked up Oswald and continued on to Dallas, Texas where they made several stops to raise desperately needed funds. The three then crossed the border and drove to Mexico City..........

Kennedy's Dallas trip was a non-secret. It was known and leaked by mole agents (LDS) in-place that lurked for more than 60 years in every agency, service and bureau of U.S. government. The burrowing moles informed (RID) Reaserch Intelligence Department of the John Birch Society on a continuing basis concerning the movements and personal activities of the president.

Every separate,subversive effort of months was aimed at that fateful day. A previously framed fall guy (Oswald) with recently arranged (by my associates) pro-Communist connections to the Russian and Cuban embassies, would be assumed guilty... Oswald's alleged guilt destroyed the powerful and subversive Fair Play For Cuba Committee and, with it, Castro's influence in the American hemisphere.

(4) Harry J. Dean, Memoirs, Education Forum (9th July, 2005)

Edwin A. Walker, removed from command and forced into retirement by the Kennedy administration,was acting on his own behalf,as much as for the 'new Americanist order' that he served in both military and civilian life. Walker was more than a leader of ultra-conservatism. He was an arrogant, powerless, but explosive force, enjoying the praise of his LDS/JBS co-conspirators and followers. When Kennedy entered Texas, his life was in the deadly hands of 'extremist veteran riflemen' of Walkers former Munich, Germany 24th infantry command!

(5) Michael Parks, First Reports, Between The Lines (1977)

In an exclusive interview granted to Valley Publications, former undercover operative for the FBI, Harry Dean, has stated that the John Birch Society had a heavily armed network of citizen soldiers ready to take to the streets in late 1963 and early 1964, if President Johnson and Chief Justice Warren did not quickly find Lee Harvey Oswald (a supposed communist sympathizer) guilty of the murder of President Kennedy. The threat was delivered to Johnson and Warren, within a few days after the assassination, by intelligence sources and by agents of the power structure that eliminated the President. LBJ had the choice - nation-wide internal strife or knuckling under to the threat and thereby giving this minority force a position of recognition. Johnson opted for the second choice.

Dean, an undercover operative for the FBI from 1960 to 1965, had been assigned by the FBI to infiltrate the Birch Society. In that role, he was active in the Covina, (Calif.) chapter of the JBS from 1962 through 1964. During Dean's tour with the Society he states they planned three major activities against John Kennedy: a planned assassination in Mexico City in 1962 that was called off: the assassination in Dallas; and the threat against a thorough investigation. In each case, according to Harry Dean, Congressman John Rousselot (R-San Marino) was involved in the planning. Rousselot was Western Director of the John Birch Society during the first half of the '60s.

During the years when Harry Dean had been acting as an active member of the Covina Birch Society, the main meeting place for all the anti-Kennedy activities was at a residence on San Pierre Street in El Monte. The Birchers were connected with anti-Castro Cubans, often mentioned as assassination suspects, through the Drive Against Communist Aggression (DACA). The DACA was an anti-Communist organization directed by members of the JBS, which had attracted certain Cubans who were in the Los Angeles area during 1962-63, trying to enlist support for another invasion of Castro controlled Cuba. The DACA operated in Mexico as well as the U.S.. According to Dean, World War II hero Guy (Gabby) Gabaldon was the Mexican Director, while Ray Flieshman of Whittier was the U.S. Director. Another active member of DACA and the Covina JBS, who had a close relationship with Gabaldon, was Dave Robbins, who at the time (1962-63), was a high ranking employee of the Fluor Corporation. (J. Robert Fluor and John Rousselot had been known to be close political allies.) In a number of different circumstances, Dean was able to determine that Gabaldon, Robbins, Flieshman, and Rousselot had been involved in planning the aborted assassination of JFK in Mexico City, June 1962.

Harry Dean had many occasions to observe and relate with much publicized Cuban-American Loran Eugene Hall-aka Lorenzo Pacillo-aka Ship Hall and Laurence Howard-aka Alonzo Escuirdo. Hall and Howard had a close association with former General Edwin Walker, of Texas, whenever Walker visited the Covina JBS. Dean recalls specific meetings where Walker, Rousselot, Hall, Howard, Gabaldon and himself (Dean) laid the plans to frame Lee Harvey Oswald, who they thought was a communist, as the assassin. Per Dean, Hall and Howard left the San Pierre Street house in October 1963, with arms and medicines, and the plans to implicate Oswald.

The subject of eliminating President Kennedy was never discussed as a subject of the JBS meetings, but Harry Dean claims the plans for the assassination were conceived in small group meetings. At one time or another Harry Dean was witness to the plans of the assassination of JFK by different combinations of John Rousselot, Loran Hall, Laurance Howard, Guy Gabaldon, Edwin Walker, Dave Robbins, Ray Fleishman, and not previously mentioned Covina JBS members Ed Peters and Ed Butler.

According to Dean, the directions taken by John Kennedy were directly in opposition to the John Birch Society. As ultimate goals and they, in conjunction with DACA, took matters into their own hands. To protect exposure through an investigation, the Society sent threats of nation-wide street warfare, to the administration via secret agents, who they were sure had infiltrated the various radical and reactionary organizations throughout the U.S., if a speedy and simple verdict was not the action.

(6) W. R. Morris, The Men Behind the Guns (1975)

Harry Dean, an ex-employee of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Central Intelligence Agency, has marble-hard proof that Republican Congressman John Rousselot from California's 26th Congressional District, and former Army General Edwin A. Walker of Dallas, engineered the death of John F. Kennedy. At the time, Rousselot was western director of the John Birch Society and Walker was a member of the right wing organization.

The ex-agent has an avalanche of evidence, including several tape recordings of Rousselot and Walker making threats against President Kennedy's life...

The former agent infiltrated the John Birch Society for several months and gathered firsthand information about the group's activities including plans of certain members to kill the 35th president of the United States.

He said Rousselot and Walker convinced other members of the Birch Society that a "dirty communist" tag should be placed on John Kennedy and that he should be marked for death to save the United States from "falling into Red hands."

Dean said (General Walker also was obsessed with hatred for both John and Robert Kennedy and had a "personal grudge" to settle.

"When Robert Kennedy was attorney general he ordered his aides to imprison Walker in a Federal mental institution at Springfield, Missouri, following Walker's involvement in the racial disorders in 1962 at Oxford, Mississippi." Dean said.

"In fact, Walker's clothing was torn off him and he was thrown naked into a military airplane and flown to Missouri. Robert Kennedy then leaked stories to the news media that Walker was a mental case," the ex-agent said...

"I attended many meetings of the John Birch Society prior to the assassination in 1963 and I heard details of the Kennedy kill plan being discussed each time we met," Dean said.

"I know that John Rousselot organized the murder plot and with other right-wingers financed it. General Walker ramrodded and trained the hired guns, Dean said.

"I was with a man in September 1963 when he picked up $10,000 from Rousselot. The money was taken to Mexico City to help finance the murder of Mr. Kennedy'. The assassination planning team operated out of Mexico City for several weeks before the president was shot in Dallas," Dean added

Dean said that he has been staying behind the scenes for many years and that his family has lived in constant fear.

"My wife and children have gone through hell. The life of a government undercover agent isn't the glorified one as depicted on television and in the movies.

"Now, however, I have decided to bring out the truth regardless of the price. I can't keep living with this horrible burden on my conscious. It haunts me day and night," the former agent said.

Dean said many persons will ask why he waited so long to reveal the facts about the Kennedy assassination which occurred almost 12 years ago.

"The truth of the matter is. I told my superiors about this plot when I first learned of the details, but they ignored it," Dean added.

The former agent said all the articles printed in recent weeks about the CIA and the Mafia masterminding the Kennedy murder are like the "Mother Goose and Little Red Riding Hood" stories . . entertaining, but not factual.

"The news media has been playing right into the hands of the real Kennedy killers by creating a smoke screen which continues to hide them from justice," Dean said...

"If the assassins had attempted to shoot Mr. Kennedy at the Trade Mart, they would either have been killed or captured because the whole area was crawling with federal officers who were heavily armed. Lee Harvey Oswald, working as a federal security agent, had performed his job well," Dean said.

(7) Harry J. Dean, Memoirs, Education Forum (11th July, 2005)

W. R. Morris was a good investigative reporter but went on to write several stories contributing them to me, and were his own ideas, and about which I learned many years later. Morris was angry as I would not agree to go along with a book he intended to write. One example is a publication called "The Secret Papers Of Harry Dean", I received a copy of it from Gary Buell in 2004 and realized it and other such writings by Morris were angry attempts to involve me, by placing his own words in my mouth.