Ilse Hirsch

Ilse Braun

Ilse Hirsch was born in Hamm, Germany, in 1922. She joined the German Girls' League (BDM) at the age of sixteen and soon became one of its principle organizers in the town of Monschau.

During the war she was trained by the Schutzstaffel (SS) at Hülchrath Castle for taking part in special operations.

After the D-Day invasion, Allied officials appointed Franz Oppenhoff as mayor of Aachen. Hirsch became one of the team chosen to assassinate Oppenhoff. Guided by Hirsch to the house, the actual murder was carried out by the leader of the team, SS Lt. Herbert Wenzel and their radio operator, Sepp Leitgeb, who fired the fatal shot as Oppenhoff stood on the steps of his residence. (1)

Making their escape from the city, Hirsch caught her foot on a trip-wire attached to a buried mine which severely injured her knee and killed her companion, Leitgeb. After the war Hirsch was arrested but she was released without charge. (1)