Kurt von Schröder : Nazi Germany

Kurt von Schröder was born in Hamburg, Germany, on 24th November, 1889. After studying at the University of Bonn he joined the German Army during the First World War and served as a captain on the General Staff.

After the war Schröder became a partner in a firm of bankers in Cologne. He had right-wing political views and provided substantial sums to the Nazi Party. Schröder also took part in the meeting with Adolf Hitler and Franz von Papen that plotted the downfall of the government of Kurt von Schleicher.

Schröder became chairman of the board of directors of several major companies in Germany and was president of the Rhineland Industrial Chamber in Cologne.

After the Second World War Schröder was arrested disguised as an army corporal. He was tried by a German court for crimes against humanity. Found guilty he was sentenced to three months' imprisonment. Kurt von Schröder died in 1965.