Wilhelm Marx

Wilhelm Marx : Nazi Germany

Wilhelm Marx, the son of a headmaster, was born on 15th February, 1863. He studied law in Bonn before becoming a lawyer.

In 1894 Marx became a judge in Elberfeld. He joined the Catholic Centre Party (BVP) and after serving in the Prussian Parliament he was elected to the Reichstag in 1910.

Marx was elected chairman of the BVP in 1921 and two years later was appointed chancellor of Germany. He appointed Hans Luther as finance minister who negotiated the Dawes Plan.

In the General Election that took place in December, 1924, he was forced from office. After a spell as prime minister of Prussia he once again became chancellor of Germany in May 1926.

Following the General Election in 1928 Marx resigned as chancellor and as chairman of the Catholic Centre Party (BVP). Wilhelm Marx died in Bonn on 5th August, 1946.