Mathilde Carre

Mathilde Carre : Nazi Germany

Mathilde Carre was born in France in 1910. She was working as a nurse in the early stages of the Second World War. In 1940 Carre was recruited as a French spy. Carre, who became known as the 'Cat', picked up information from conversations with German officers.

Carre was arrested by Hugo Bleicher of Abwehr on 17th November 1941. Threatened with torture she agreed to become a double agent. She was sent to London with instructions to discover the workings of Special Operations Executive (SOE). After being interrogated by the SOE she was arrested as a spy.

Carre was detained in Holloway Prison until the end of the war. Deported to France she was tried and sentenced to death. Carre was reprieved and was released from prison in September 1954.