Antonio Salandra

Antonio Salandra

Antonio Salandra was born in Italy in 1853. He was professor of administrative science at Rome before entering parliament. On the resignation of Giovanni Giolitti in March 1914, Salandra became prime minister of Italy. On the outbreak of the First World War, Salandra declared that Italy was going to remain neutral.

At a secret meeting held in England on 26th April 1915, representatives of the Italian government agreed to enter the war in return for financial help and the granting of land currently under the control of Austria-Hungary. The Treaty of London resulted in Britain granting an immediate loan of £50 million and a promise to support Italian territorial demands after the war.

Lack of military success made Salandra an unpopular war leader and in June 1916 was replaced by Vittorio Orlando as prime minister.

Salandra was a delegate at the Paris Peace Conference and later represented Italy at the League of Nations.

Antonio Salandra died in 1931.