Curriculum Development in Action (1984)

The aim of this book is to provide advice and guidance for the committed teacher and inspiration for those teachers who are seeking radical approaches, but who have become disheartened through practical difficulties or unsympathetic environments. We hope to penetrate the isolation of the pioneering teacher and provide some sustenance. Unlike many books on curriculum development, the articles have been written by classroom teachers.

Curriculum Development in Action is an attempt to narrow the gap between theory and practice. The central argument of the book is that many worthwhile ideas and innovations in education originate from the "chalkface". It is hoped that by examining these positive examples of innovation, this book will help to inspire and motivate teachers to play a more active role in shaping the curriculum.

Curriculum Development in Action
Curriculum Development in Action


David Simkin & John Simkin: Introduction

John Simkin: Curriculum Development an Publishing

Leslie Coate: The Usefulness of History: Schools Council History 13-16

John Simkin: Into the Unknown

David Simkin: The Use of Illustrations in School History Books

Roger Andrews: Development Education in Schools

Jane Woodall: People on the Move to Britain

Richard Barnes: Teaching About Conflict and War

Annette Beard: Agenda for the Future

Carol Adams: Off the Record: Women's Omission from Classroom Historical Evidence

Stephen Barnes: Through the Classroom Walls

William Cope, Chris Hughes & Mary Kalantzis: The Social Literacy Project in Australia

Hans Hooghoff: Curriculum Development for Social and Political Education in the Netherlands