Spartacus Review

Volume 56: 28th December, 2011


Title: The Railway Pocket Bible

Author: Andrew Fowler


Publisher: Pocket Bibles

Price: £9.99

Bookshop: Amazon

Spartacus Website: British Railways


The perfect gift for every railway lover. Why is Pen-y-Darren so significant? What is the longest railway line in the world? When was the Beeching closure? And what exactly is The Titfield Thunderbolt? Find the answer to all these questions and more inside The Railway Pocket Bible, a compendium of railway trivia and titbits perfect for any railway enthusiast. Uncover profiles about famous locomotives including the TGV, Bullet Train and Flying Scotsman as well as the history and infamy behind many famous railway stations from Paddington to Grand Central Station. Inside The Railway Pocket Bible you'll discover the enduring popularity of railways, get a pocket-sized history of trains from steam railways to the present day as well as how to indulge your railway hobby with information on railway societies, railway museums and preserved heritage railways. Dip in to great ideas for model railways, learn how to get started with a trainspotters’ guide and enjoy the best trains on film, books and television.