Spartacus Review

Volume 36: 26th August, 2009

Political Philosophy

Title: Rosa Luxemburg: Selected Political and Literary Writings

Author: Rosa Luxemburg


Publisher: Merlin Press

Price: £14.95

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Rosa Luxemburg, perhaps the most remarkable and original figure among German Marxist thinkers and activists, was one of the earliest victims of fascism, murdered in Berlin, in 1919. This volume presents selected political essays, writings previously unavailable in English. They reveal Luxemburg's aversion to splits in the Labour movement, particularly in Germany and Russia, and aspects of her thinking about culture, nationalism and women's rights. Each essay is annotated, introduced and placed in context.

Title: The Roots of Contemporary Imperialism

Author: Valerio Volpi


Publisher: University Press of America

Price: £18.95

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The Roots of Contemporary Imperialism maintain that the presence of men like George W. Bush and all that follows in terms of popular repression and business domination is not the result of an authoritarian regression of U.S. politics, supposedly begun under Reagan: it is, instead, the prosecution of a project that came to light during the age of the Founding Fathers, whose main concern was not people's freedom, but, rather, the devising of constitutional mechanisms intended to defend the properties, wealth and privileges of economic elites. Barack Obama's recent election as the nominee of one of the two wings of the single "business party," despite the rhetoric about "change" and "hope," followed exactly the same pattern.