Manor Court, 12th October, 1335

Name Accusation Verdict Punishment
Mariota Cooper cutting down wood from the forest guilty fined 3s.
Henry Furner selling a horse without permission guilty fined 2s.
Agnes Singyard falsely raising the hue and cry against John Payne for assault guilty fined 2d.
Margaret Chowring failing to protect her daughter, Elena Chowring - leyrwyte guilty fined 2s.
Margaret Mannering for not cleaning the ditch outside her home guilty fined 3d.
Thomas Godfrey stealing a horse belonging to Hugh de Audley guilty executed
Emma Brattle selling fish from the River Beult guilty fined 1d.
Benedict Dunn keeping a greyhound without permission guilty fined 6d.
Edeline Hale selling sour ale guilty fined 1d.
John Brickenden encouraging his son Thomas to steal apples from Hugh de Audley's garden not guilty
Robert Golding making an illegal path over the land of Alice Taylor guilty fined 4d.
Aymer Walter not attending longbow practice guilty fined 1d.
Richard Bennett stealing Alice Taylor's marl guilty fined 4d.
Matilda Bigge selling ale without a license guilty fined 6d.
Name Permission Verdict Fee
Adam Flerte permission to buy his freedom refused
Stephen Webb to leave Yalding to visit Tonbridge granted 3d.
Juliana Foreman to have her daughter Margaret taught to read and write by Robert Hughes refused
Elizabeth Clarke permission to rent an extra 4 acres granted 8s.
Walter Herenden permission to visit Maidstone refused