Manor Court, 6th April, 1335

Name Accusation Verdict Punishment
Rosa Seamark falsely accused Alice Minchin of brewing and selling ale guilty fined 2d.
Robert Golding stealing Elizabeth Clarke's marl guilty fined 4d.
Christina Carpenter not grinding her corn in Hugh de Audley's Water-Mill guilty fined 2d.
Cecilia Ward falsely raising the hue and cry against John Payne for assault guilty fined 1d.
Emma Wood selling ale without a license guilty fined 6d.
Margaret Fletcher selling bread short of the agreed weight guilty fined 2d.
John Payne unlawful relationship with Elena Clarke guilty whipped
Elena Clarke unlawful relationship with John Payne guilty whipped
Agnes Singyard allowing her pigs to damage Cecilia Barfoot's crops guilty fined 4d.
Isabella Godfrey falsely raising the hue and cry against Richard Nash guilty pardoned
Matilda Bigge allowing her sheep to stray on to Cecilia Barfoot's land guilty fined 2d.
Rosamond Kynton refusing to obey the orders of the reeve guilty fined 1s.
John Nash assaulting John Brickenden not guilty
Name Permission Verdict Fee
Joanna Browne to leave Yalding to visit Rochester granted 3d.
Henry Rolfe for his son Ralph to be taught to read and write by Robert Hughes granted 6d.
Alice Taylor permission to rent an extra 3 acres granted 6s.
Mariota Cooper to remain a widow granted 2s.
Christina Carpenter to remain a widow granted 2s.
Adam Fleete to leave Yalding to visit Sevenoaks granted 3d.