Manor Court, 7th October, 1334

Name Accusation Verdict Punishment
Rosamond Kynton selling ale without a license guilty fined 6d.
Juliana Foreman not using Hugh de Audley's oven guilty fined 1d.
Thomas Brooker arriving late for haymaking guilty fined 1d.
Matthew Ward failing to obtain permission for his daughter to marry Henry Beaumont guilty fined 6s.
Henry Furner failing to bring Elena Furner to the last session of the Manor Court guilty fined 6s.
Adam Fleete harbouring a stranger overnight guilty fined 3d.
Alice Taylor horse trespassed on Benedict Dunn's land guilty fined 2d.
Margaret Chowring failing to repair the road outside her home guilty fined 1d.
Gilbert Baker failing to stop her son Thomas from taking a tench from the lord's fish pond not guilty
Richard Wood stabbed Thomas Godfrey with a knife while the two men were mowing together guilty fled
Richard Bennett moving boundary stones in the field guilty fined 6d.
Rosa Seamark failure to pay pannage guilty fined 6d.
Henry Rolfe dragging his plough across the land of Joanna Browne after it had been planted guilty fined 7d.
Name Permission Verdict Fee
Cecilia Barfoot marriage of her daughter Rosa to Samuel Ashdown of Yalding granted 2s. 6d.
Gilbert Baker to purchase his freedom granted £2. 12s.
Geoffrey Fletcher marriage of his daughter Edith Fletcher to Hugh Chatteris of Farleigh granted 1s. 6d.
Walter Herenden permission to visit Maidstone refused