Objections to Village Fair

(A) The Husbandman Song', a song sung by wandering minstrels (c. 1380)

To find money for the king I sold my seed corn.

Wherefore my land lies fallow and learns to sleep...

People are in such a plight that they can give no more.

I suspect that if they had a leader, they would revolt.

(B) Geoffrey Luttrell Psalter (1325)
(B) Geoffrey Luttrell Psalter (1325)

(C) Thomas de Cabham, Bishop of Salisbury (c. 1390)

There are actors who have musical instruments for men's delight... They haunt public drinking houses and other assemblies, where they sing many songs to move men to mischievous behaviour.

(D) In 1598 Paul Hentzner saw a blinded bear being baited by dogs at a fair.

The bear cannot escape from the men because of a chain. He defends himself with all his force and skill, throwing down all (the dogs) who come within his reach.

(E) Medieval musicians, Geoffrey Luttrell Psalter (1325)
(E) Medieval musicians, Geoffrey Luttrell Psalter (1325)

1. Study source E. One of the men is playing a hurdy-gurdy. This instrument was played by turning a handle which sounded all the strings at once. The fingers of the other hand was used to produce the required notes. Describe the man playing the hurdy-gurdy.

2. Explain the meaning of the first two lines of The Husbandman Song'.

3. Read source C. Why was Thomas de Cabham opposed to musicians visiting village fairs? Use a quotation from The Husbandman Song' to support your answer.

4. Read source D. Now describe what is taking place in source B.

5. Here is the start of a dialogue between Hugh de Audley and Gilbert Hughes. Copy it into your books. Now complete the dialogue. In your dialogue you must use all the red words below.

Hugh de Audley: A large number of people will visit Yalding during the fair. Villagers will be able to sell food to these visitors.

Gilbert Hughes: Some of these visitors might bring dangerous ideas with them.

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