History of Ideas

This course is being offered to members of the University of the Third Age in Worthing. Please feel free to use the material on your own courses. I can also supply you with the primary sources that go with the sessions.


Sigmund Freud

Alfred Adler

Carl Jung

Melanie Klein

Karen Horney

Erich Fromm

Wilhelm Reich

R. D. Laing

John Bowlby

Political Theorists

Mary Wollstonecraft

Tom Paine

Karl Marx

Peter Kropotkin

Annie Besant

Rosa Luxemburg

Leon Trotsky


Mikhail Bakunin

Emma Goldman

George Orwell

Pierre-Joseph Proudhon


John Stuart Mill

Jeremy Bentham

John Locke

Louis Althusser

Arthur Schopenhauer

Herbert Marcuse

Søren Kierkegaard

Paul Tillich

Albert Camus

Jean-Paul Sartre


John Maynard Keynes

Milton Friedman,

Friedrich Hayek,

Rligious Leaders

Martin Luther

Martin Niemöller

Martin Luther King